Family Law

Mr. Brady has helped hundreds of people throughout his thirty years of experience with family law issues such as divorce, custody, paternity, spousal support and child support.  Family law cases can be particularly challenging, as many are emotionally charged.  Some cases may be less fraught with emotion, but there are still pitfalls or obstacles that must be recognized and overcome to protect the client.  My years of experience have taught me to recognize these barriers and provide the appropriate strategy, protection and advocacy.

Estate Planning

In recent years, the importance of prudent Estate Planning has become very evident:  Everyone should have documents that provide protection to allow people they trust to assist them if they become incapacitated.   This is accomplished through a Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions and a Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions.  In addition, one should have a Will and for some, a Trust Package may be a sound choice.  Another Estate Planning strategy is utilizing a Deed with a Life Estate, with a remainder interest to an heir(s).  If a person(s) own real estate, this type of Deed keeps the client(s) in control while they are alive, but allows them to pass the real estate to loved one(s) upon their death. 

The law office also handles the administration of Decedent’s Estates – most are uncontested, but some can become particularly challenging when family members do not get along and/or do not trust each other.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims typically derive from automobile collisions. People are also injured due to dangerous conditions that are caused by the negligence of others.  As drivers in Michigan, we are required to have automobile insurance that provides recovery, if injured by the negligence of others and also for being injured in an automobile accident, regardless of fault.  If one is seriously injured in a way that impacts their life and the other driver is at least fifty percent responsible for the accident, recovery for pain and suffering can be obtained.  In addition, regardless of fault, a driver who is injured can recover Personal Injury Protection benefits (PIP) if injured due to their own negligence, or the negligence of others.  As my brother would say, we have “my fault” insurance (A little legal humor). These benefits include coverage for reasonable and necessary medical treatment, loss of wages, attendant care to pay others to help around the house (grocery shopping, cooking, for example), and even mileage reimbursement for use of a vehicle to get you to your physician or rehabilitation. I can help you understand these contractual rights and help you recover, if these rights are being wrongfully denied.

Social Security

When a person can no longer work full-time due to a serious health condition(s), they may qualify for Social Security Disability.  If you were previously employed, you have probably contributed to this program for years.  If you are unable to work, and if you qualify, this program will pay a monthly benefit and provide health insurance (Medicare) if it is determined that you could not work for at least two years.  If you are over the age of 50, it may be easier to qualify for these benefits, as it is considered to be approaching “advanced” age under the program.  The attorney is paid if the client is found disabled by the Court.  The client, however, is responsible for cost reimbursement (medical records, narrative letters from a physician, for example).  This area of practice is challenging and interesting as, in my opinion, it is a blend of legal analysis and medical analysis.  One can only be successful when both the legal and medical obstacles are recognized and overcome through dedicated preparation and planned action.

General Practice

Over the years, this office has handled areas of law including real estate transactions, individual and business civil litigation and criminal law matters.

Honest Reviews

Mr. Brady helped me recover fair settlements when I got attacked by a dog on two occasions.  He has helped my family with other legal matters too.  He’s our family attorney.

Don F.  – Harper Woods, MI

Mr. Brady’s legal assistance was invaluable in the Probate process in my late Mother’s Estate.  Having his help reduced a lot of stress and anxiety in the matter. We were able to handle administration and distribution of two pieces of real estate—one locally and one Up North.

Kathy  C. – Warren, MI

When I got hit by a drunk driver, Mr. Brady helped me secure my own auto insurance benefits of lost wages, medical treatment and getting the bills paid. Then he recognized I had a claim for social security disability benefits that I won too. It was a long road, but we got through it.

Robert W.  – Chesterfield, MI

Bill Brady battled in Court for me to get me joint physical custody of my my child and made sure I paid the correct amount of child support.  He helped me show the Court why my requests were really in the best interest of the child.

Nick R.  – St. Clair Shores, MI

Mr. Brady ensured my divorce Judgment’s alimony was preserved when my ex-husband tried to get it changed. I call Mr. Brady whenever I have a legal issue.

Sandra W.  – St. Clair Shores, MI